Bubble Tea Party + Grass Lands 

Two new activations were brought to Outside Lands 2018, Bubble Tea Party and Grasslands. In developing and implementing these areas, IBCP was consulted on all aspects of the creative production, design, and implementation.

Grass Lands at Outside Lands — a brand new curated cannabis experience located in SoPo (South of the Polo Field). Grass Lands is a 21+ Town Square that focuses on the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life. Springing off of California’s recent legalization of recreational cannabis, we invite you to stop by and enjoy sweet treats from The Confectionery, learn from “budtenders” at The Greenhouse, and explore activities like the Lemonade Stand, The Flower Shop, Farmers Market, The Smell Wall and more.

Bubble Tea Party at Outside Lands - Venture through the looking glass for tea, bubbles, and other curiosities tucked away in the wooded wonderland of McLaren Pass. While you can always grab a drink to go, why not have a seat in the lounge and talk of many things?