The Confidence Man

Installing a show on an 172 foot steam powered lighthouse tender ship that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places poses a few challenges, not the least of which were levelling and securing scenery on a space that moves with the waves and hanging a full lighting and sound rig on a metal ship whose landmark status prevents us from any form of permanent attachment (solved by hanging lighting units and speakers with high powered magnets insulated not to interfere with the signal of the equipment). Working with frequent collaborators Woodshed Collective, we were responsible for the physical install; the systems and logistic design involved with making the show operational and safe for audience and performers alike; as well as navigating the permitting needed for safety and assembly in a venue governed by maritime law. Obstacles included scheduling build around the hours of the day where the sun made the metal decks of the boat too hot to touch or work on; coordinating load in around tidal schedules; and solving how to dry a large 3 story ship quickly after rain to make the decks safe for audience. In addition, there was the designing the architecture, logistics and audience flow for the show itself, a 12 track romp of con games and tricks with simultaneous and interlocking narratives for a wandering audience.