“[Woodshed] produced another enthralling site-specific adventure that fully immerses you into a world of mystery and suspense.... In a way it never stops—certain New York City locations are now, for me, permanently imbued with magic.”- The Gothamist

“Surprising, innovative, and almost impossibly exciting, it was a show whose limited budget was no curb on its boundless imagination.” – The Guardian 10 best of 2015

“…Gloriously inventive and appallingly fun. What this play does, perhaps better than any piece since Deborah Warner’s “Angel Project,” is use the city itself as a set...‘This trip,’ says one travel agent, is ‘a journey through the mysteries of the city to help you find more.’ Take it”. – The New York Times

Conceived and Designed by Woodshed Collective

Text by Jason Platt

Directed by Teddy Bergman

Production Design: Gabriel Hainer Evansohn

Production Detail Design:katherine fleming

sound Design:Will Pickens

Lighting Design: Mike Inwood and Amanda Lyon

Costume Design: Becky Lasky

Technology Design: eamon o'Connor