an integrated and collaborative approach

Iron Bloom’s integrated and collaborative approach to design and production was born out of our experience in immersive, site-specific or otherwise non-traditional work: what we call Interactive Installation.

Installation work poses unique problems and challenges in management and installation. We may respond to the specific conditions of a site whose intended purpose may not be performance; create purpose-built performance spaces or infrastructure for performance where there wasn’t any before; and, from commercial contractors to theatrical technicians, to food and beverage service, to artists of all genres and types , work with a multi-disciplinary team that spans many trades, crafts and styles.

This work substantiates a core principal of Iron Bloom: that managers, fabricators and technicians are engaging in a piece of the creative work. This piece of the collaboration requires constant creative problem-solving--both in planning and in implementation. It requires coming up with new models to solve new problems, and organizing communication among a team comprised of many disciplines and used to speaking different creative or technical languages.