is a theater-artist, musician, and manager of creative production based in Brooklyn.

Building upon his background in theater and a strong belief in collaboration, he has dedicated his career to working with the best designers, fabricators and creative minds, helping to generate one of a kind installations and live experiences. A deft negotiator with a demonstrated track record of managing thrifty budgets, he is equally at home in the nascent stages of creative development and in the field leading projects as they come to life.

Prior to founding Iron Bloom, William was involved in the management and implementation of a number of high-profile projects for partners and clients around the country. From the fall of 2013 through the spring of 2014, he served as the Associate Production Manager for Variety Worldwide, working with IBCP partner Gabriel Evansohn (Production Manager) to oversee the renovation of The Diamond Horseshoe, an historic venue in the bowels of NYC's Paramount Hotel. The team was responsible not only for the restoration of the venue, but also the build and installation of the immersive spectacle-cum-dinner-theater bacchanalia, Queen of the Night, directed by Christine Jones.

In 2014 and 2015, he served as the Lead Project & Production Manager at DKD, the design firm of renowned scenic designer David Korins (Hamilton). During his tenure with Korins, William co-managed (with Nathan V. Koch) the creative process and led the construction and implementation of Florian Café, Fireman Hospitality's latest trattoria on Park Avenue South; he also served as the manager of production and design for the inaugural run of Mariah Carey's sold-out Christmas concerts at the Beacon Theater.

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After leaving DKD, William had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with veteran British designer Andi Watson—the creative force behind Radiohead's live shows for over two decades—on a number of installations for Superfly Presents at their festival properties Bonnaroo & Outside Lands, including, in 2016, Watson's iconic redesign of the Outside Lands main stage, a sculptural homage the Bay Area's many bridges.

He is a proud member of and the Associate Director of Production for Woodshed Collective, one of the country's premier immersive theater companies, and has spent the last several years working in New York’s many theaters in a variety of capacities—as an actor, writer, production manager, composer, sound designer, carpenter, and educator. With Woodshed, William co-conceived and production managed the immersive theatrical odyssey, Empire Travel Agency. It was named by The Guardian as one of the top 10 New York Theater pieces of 2015, calling it, " Surprising, innovative, and almost impossibly exciting, it was a show whose limited budget was no curb on its boundless imagination."  The New York Times described it as "…Gloriously inventive and appallingly fun. What this play does, perhaps better than any piece since Deborah Warner’s ‘Angel Project,is use the city itself as a set...."

William hails from the Bay Area and graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a B.F.A. in Theater. He plays guitar and keys in pop singer/producer Momo Ishiguro's live band and is pleased to be in her stable of in-studio collaborators. In his spare time he writes, records and plays in music collaborative clarence.

Resume and additional credits available upon request.