Choco Studio and Mini Golf - Outside Lands

In August 2016 Iron Bloom were contracted by Superfly to devise, design and install a visual installation in the Choco Studio (a working chocolate assembly line housed in a custom 20' shipping container) for Bay Area mainstays, Guittard Chocolate. We worked hand in hand with the company's marketing director, Amy Guittard, to create an engaging, interactive and informative window display outlining the product's journey "from bean to bar" and ultimately into the hands of the festival's patrons.

We designed and fabricated on site a sculptural piece featuring two-dozen antique windows upon which we used the real materials from the chocolate process (cacao pods, beans, burlap, nibs, melted chocolate, etc.). The windows were then fixed to each other to create a light wall which attendees could activate via buttons outside the container.

In addition to this new work, we were contracted to bring back the festival's Bay Area-themed mini-golf/wine tasting experience, The Back Wine, and lead it's installation at its new home on the festival grounds.