Queen of the Night

As the Production Mangers for both the creation of the Diamond Horseshoe as a venue, and the production of Queen of the Night, Iron Bloom led and managed a multimillion-dollar design and build. We worked with a team including architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, furniture makers, carpenters, lighting and sound technicians, and artisans to bring both the venue and show to life. Beginning when the room was merely a muddy pit and ending once we’d ushered in a fully designed and realized space, we led the process: from permitting (for construction, public assembly and food service) to preservation; rough construction of the venue; installation of rigging, lighting and sound systems and elements; custom installation of unique setpieces; interior design and décor; implementation and technical design of elemental details and machinery for the production.

For a project of this size we utilized all methods of fabrication to create this unique performance venue. In addition to working in-venue with the commercial contractors, we converted a warehouse in Bushwick, where we led the build of custom furniture and large scale painting. We worked with scenic shops all over NYC, had an onsite construction and installation team, and brought in a great number of projects specific technicians and artisans. Each piece of this puzzle, and the individuals responsible for each piece, came with unique challenges and specific processes. A large part of our role in the production was to adapt a management style to support the different working methodologies, all the while keeping an eye on the Big Picture. Managing a general contractor requires a different type of support and oversight than an artisan install might. Artists across many disciplines--from food service, to visual art, to circus, to theater--each with different needs and ways they are used to working, call for myriad methods support and management. Not only did we craft different managerial styles for each and every artisan or technician working on the project, but we managed the communication across these disciplines to ensure a process that met everyone’s needs and delivered a unified product: a singular venue, with a performance to match, of unparalleled, integrated detail.

Director: Christine Jones

Producers: Nathan Koch, Jennie Willink

Circus creator: Shana Carroll

Food performance creator: Jennifer Rubell

Associate director: Jenny Koons

Creative director: Giovanna Battaglia

Set and scent designer: Douglas Little

Fashion designer: Thom Browne

Lighting designer: Austin R. Smith

Sound designer: Darron L. West, Charles Coes

Magic designer: Steve Cuiffo

Choreographer: Lorin Latarro