Sweeney Todd NYC

Iron Bloom was pleased to oversee production management and assist on scenic design for the Off-Broadway American Premiere of Tooting Arts Club's immersive & critically lauded production of "Sweeney Todd".


Originally produced in London by the Tooting Arts Club, this import seeks to recreate one of London’s oldest pie and mash shops, Harrington’s, where the original site-specific production ran. Iron Bloom were tasked, as the Production Management team, with recreating Harrington’s inside of the Barrow Street Theater. Working with Designer Simon Kenny, and architect Mitchell Kurtz, we managed the permitting and build, combining shop fabrication and onsite construction. Cladding or treating all the surfaces in the Barrow Street Theater, we recreated the feel and textures of Harrington’s, embedding all lighting and sound behind the walls, and adding a functional pie counter (ovens and all) into the space, for former White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses to serve pie. At the end of a 6 week build we had transformed the Barrow Street Theater into a little slice of London Town.