"Ultimately, The Tenant is a triumph of simultaneity and atmosphere over narrative satisfaction. It's a memorable evening, thanks in large part to the extraordinary production design by Gabriel Hainer Evansohn." - The Village Voice

"The production designer, Gabriel Hainer Evansohn, taking advantage of the church's peeling walls, aroma of mold, and general air of decay, has, through the use of carefully chosen furnishings, created a series of spaces so evocative that you feel like you've wandered onto the set of a mid-'60s Godard film." – Lighting and Sound America

" feels less like a spectator and more like an inhabitant of a beautifully dilapidated old building whose tenants are all different degrees of crazy." - L magazine

"The production designer, Gabriel Hainer Evansohn, has worked wonders within with what appears to be a snug budget." - The New York Times

"Woodshed Collective has, with great imagination and wonderful detail, transformed the old five-story West-Park Presbyterian Church into a ramshackle Parisian apartment building (and its environs) circa the nineteen-sixties... The only downside is that, because the scenes are taking place all over the church at the same time, you can’t see everything." - The New Yorker

"If anyone gave an award for production management, The Tenant would be a leading contender, for the efficient husbanding of all these elements -- and the actors as they move from scene to scene -- is very, very impressive." - Lighting and Sound America

Conceived and Designed by Woodshed Collective

Text by Paul Cohen, Bekah Brunstetter, Tommy Smith, Steven Levenson, Dylan Dawson, Sarah Burgess

Directed by Teddy Bergman, Stephen Brackett, et al.

Production Design: Gabriel Hainer Evansohn

Lighting Design: Carl Faber

Costume Design: Jessica Pabst

Sound Design: Brandon Walcott 

Video Design: Alex Koch, Dave Tennent, Kate Freer, Josh Higgason

West park Parish House